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Interconnection and Data Centralization, Outsourcing , Electronic archiving and Electronic Document Management, IT Solutions integration.


Does your company have multiple branches and stores? Do you constantly have tons of invoices and cash receipts from your branches to re-enter for accounting to your Head Office?

DATACENTRAL is the solution…


You do not have a handle on your IT costs?
Its functioning does not meet your expectations?
IT problems prevent you from focusing on your business?

Our outsourcing service is what you need.

Are you overwhelmed by paperwork?
Do you have difficulty finding information and documents?
Do you often lose important documents?
Do you use a lot of paper and ink?
Are your internal procedures of limited effectiveness, cumbersome and often violated?

Our EDM & EAS service is what you need.​..

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Centralize your data (invoices, stock, and accounting), consult them on smartphone, remotely enter transactions in your branches...


Entrust the management of your IT to a specialized and experienced team, and focus on your core business with serenity and efficiency...


Access your documents everywhere in one click, reduce your paperwork processing costs, boost staff productivity...


Increase the efficiency and productivity of your teams through the collaboration tools we integrate into your business...


Reduce your company’s communication and operational costs; improve the effectiveness of communication and collaboration.

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Centralized databases

We have the expertise and technology required to enable any company with a simple Internet connection (DSL and Internet Key included) or VPN to:

  1. Extract information from existing management software, deployed on various sites, and consolidate them automatically at a single point to enable to analyze them and monitor real-time activity.
  2. Operate securely on existing management software deployed on different sites, in real time, from the head office or another central point.

Solution's integration

We have the expertise required to ensure the deployment, configuration and extension of:

  1. Private telephony systems based on the Asterisk software switch
  2. Intranet corporate portals based on Liferay technology.
  3. E-mail tools (clients and servers) based on Zimbra and Exchange servers.
  4. Electronic Document Management based on the Alfresco document gateway.
  5. Other collaborative tools (shared calendars, corporate directories, project managers).


We have certified skills to ensure the deployment and administration of:

  1. Microsoft Windows Server 2008, 2012, 2016 servers.
  2. Computer networks with Cisco or Mikrotik equipment.
  3. Microsoft Exchange mail servers.
  4. Cisco and Mikrotik network equipment.
  5. SAGE SAARI software version 13 to 16, and Generation i7 (all editions).


We have in-house know-how to effectively cover the following areas:

  1. The physical layout of the documents in a custom plan with a relevant nomenclature.
  2. The deployment, configuration and extension of Electronic Document Management based on the Alfresco document portal.
  3. Digitizing and indexing physical documents in Alfresco EDM.
  4. Implementing Electronic Archiving in the Alfresco EDM.
  5. The dematerialization of business processes of the company with the Alfresco EDM.

Customer’s feedback

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Today, work has become much easier and more effective.

I highly recommend DataCentral to any business wanting to optimize the management of their network of outlets and stores. Prior to the DataCentral centralization system, we needed one person in each of our depots to create the items and record inbound and outbound machine inventory. We then observed many errors in the quantities and prices… Read More “Today, work has become much easier and more effective.”

NDJEI FORBI BAKERY, Operations Manager

Outsourcing with ADVANCE-IT-GROUP is a highly beneficial experience for PROLEG.

Outsourcing with ADVANCE-IT-GROUP is a highly beneficial experience for PROLEG. It allows us to stay focused on our core business and thus improve overall performance. The reactivity of the teams, their availability as well as their professionalism in the treatment of our requests make us gain enormously in time and efficiency. We have chosen a… Read More “Outsourcing with ADVANCE-IT-GROUP is a highly beneficial experience for PROLEG.”

PROLEG. S.A., Factory Manager

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