IT outsourcing, a cheap way out for African businesses

It is said so often, money is the nerve of war. Capitalism and power have become the beverage of all companies that unconsciously discard in front of them, the possibilities of growing up without much restraint with practically the same excuse: “It costs us too much”.

Yet, Info-manage would obviously be the least expensive solution for you than you think. Outsourcing is the fact of outsourcing your information system, to entrust the management to third parties who prove with the accumulated experience in the field, to be experts. This practice, so far acclaimed by large companies, is a way to control the costs associated with the computer system. With outsourcing, you plan and manage better this item of expenditure, you are sure to have a quality service, a secure system and tools of the latest generation.

Some advantages of IT Outsourcing (Outsourcing)

To tell the truth, we will not be able to dry up the benefits of this technological solution which, after the booming development of the telecommunications sector is within reach of all the companies. Nevertheless, we will release the most frightening.

Reduced and controlled operating costs

To foresee is to manage better. In the case of outsourcing, expenses are fixed and controlled because operations are mostly preventive. The outsourcing expert knows exactly what is not working or could not work anymore and invests the necessary resources directly without groping, resulting in a significant reduction in investments. These savings often represent 15% of the budget of the company for this item of expenditure, which makes a treasury not to neglect so much for the SME as for the big companies.

A huge gain in time

A computer system in poor health or uncontrolled would cause you to pay a lot of attention, which would disrupt your main activity. IT tools are essential in the management of your business but are not your job. It would be appropriate to leave this privilege to those who control them to focus on the essentials. That way, you are more efficient and more productive.

The guarantee of a quality service

With experts immersed in day-to-day technologies, your computer system does not suffer from obsolescence, faults are dealt with quickly because these are questions that these engineers are used to providing solutions

A single interlocutor

For all your IT questions, refer to a single interlocutor and put an undisturbed serenity whatever the malfunction of your surveillance cameras, your internet connection, your alert system … The outsourcing expert despite not the provider of these solutions, assists you and follows the bug until the effective recovery.

If you had not decided yet, you no longer have any reason to wait, all these arguments are preaching in your favor, in that of the performance of your company. In addition to this, the outsourcing expert praises the flexibility, it accompanies you according to your requirements and foresees the development of your activity in the future.

ADVANCE-IT GROUP knows how to push your business to the pinnacle of technology and lead it to prestige.

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