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  1. Are you in charge of a commercial enterprise and do you have several branches spread over the territory?
  2. Do you use software such as SAGE SAARI or any other software to perform your commercial management?

With Datacentral, all your stock, price uniformity, agency supply and outlets issues are resolved


  1. You are responsible for a company with an IT park ?
  2. Wish to be up to date on rules and technological standards?
  3. Want to minimize your maintenance costs and especially ensure a high-quality IT service 7 / 7 days ?

Archiving & EDM

Beyond all environmental considerations, small businesses (VSEs), SMEs and large groups have every interest in promoting the reduction of paper in their premises and processes. The idea? Earn time and efficiency, and optimize the exchange of information between employees. The solution? Digital archiving! What are the advantages? How to set up a true information governance.

Integration of collaborative tools

Collaborative tools are among the essential elements of the digital transformation of a company. They are revolutionizing the ways of getting informed and collaborating. They are a real alternative to email, meetings, and shared file servers.

Private Telephony Based on Asterisk

  1. The communication costs of your company can be reduced to 0F;
  2. All your employees can now communicate freely, without limit and whether they are in their office or not.
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