Save up to
on your communications

50 %

The Pledge

We implement for your company a private telephony system based on the ASTERISK IP PBX which aims mainly to:

  • Significantly reduce telecommunication costs and operational costs in your business
  • Allow to connect on the PBX at a cost almost zero, as many fixed phones, smartphones and tablets that the company wants
  • Strengthen the effectiveness of communications and collaborative work
  • Optimize the use of the existing network infrastructure (cabling, equipment) within your company

7 main advantages

Free calls

Calls between company personnel via their smartphones and landlines are free and secure when they are on the company’s site.

Optimization of outgoing calls.

When a call is made to the outside through the system by a user from his Smartphone or landline, the system redirects the call to the cheapest outgoing line to reach the called party to reduce communication costs.

Audio Conferencing:

Staff members can organize conference calls in-house and at zero cost; This allows groups of users to hold work sessions via their smartphones and landlines without having to move.

Smart forwarding:

When an incoming call is redirected by the standard to the called party’s landline number, if after a certain period of time it does not pick up, the system automatically redirects the call to its Smartphone (zero pricing) assuming that he is in the corporate campus; if he is not in the campus, the system automatically dials its GSM number (active pricing); if he is inaccessible, the system requests the caller to leave a message on answering machine and sends an SMS to the called party.

Call groups:

Each Service may have a group number, such that any internal or external call to that number will simultaneously ring the phones of all members of that Service, until one of them picks up.

Call transfer:

During the call, the receiving party can transfer the call to another user if necessary. The call is then redirected to the latter as if it came from the standard, in accordance with the intelligent redirection process described above.

Interactive voice server:

Inbound calls to a special company number are automatically handled by a voice server that provides the caller with information (location of a service, pricing of services, schedules, general information, etc.).

Even for ADVANCE-IT-GROUP, ASTERISK represents the future of telephony. It is with this conviction that we support companies in integrating this solution into their networks according to their needs. We ensure the functional extension of ASTERISK, the training to its exploitation, its leveling and the follow-up in its handling.

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