Does your company have multiple branches and stores? Do you constantly have tons of invoices and cash receipts from your branches to re-enter for accounting to your head office?

DATACENTRAL is the solution…

The Pledge

You will be able with our service of data centralization to:

  • Consult in real time from your head office or a Smartphone, inventory, invoices, customer and supplier settlements, cash transactions and accounting records of your branches and stores:
  • Enter the stock remotely in machine in your branch offices and stores from your head office or a smartphone;
  • Automatically post invoices, payments and cash receipts from your branches to head office, without manual re-entry and without moving;
  • Remotely modify the prices of the items in your branches and stores from your head office or a smartphone;

DataCentral in 10 points

Consult in real time :

  • The invoices,
  • the stock,
  • the cash transactions,
  • the accounting

of your branches from head office or your smartphone.

“Thanks to DATACENTRAL, I have access in real time to all the invoices, the stock, the cash statements and the accounting of all the branches of the network, from my head office and on my phone”.

Supply the stock in machine in your branches from the head office. 

“We input supplies of all the branches of our network from the head office”.

We thus benefit from an excellent tractability of our stock transactions.

Transfer the stocks from one branch to another from the head office.

“since interagency transfers are made from the head office we no longer need to make heavy and time-consuming matching.
Moreover, stock differences due to errors or departure and destination entries absence have practically disappeared.

Thank you DataCentral !!! “.

Automatically post :

  • invoices,
  • payments,
  • entries
  • cash receipts

from branches to head office, without manual re-entry and without moving;

“Formerly, to post invoices, payments and receipts from all my branches to head office, it could take many accountants and hours as well as several days of manual re-entry, with many delays and mistakes.

Today with DataCentral, the recording of the transactions of my branches is done one click by a single person without the slightest error“.

Consult in real time from each branch, the stock of other branches.

“No need to call any branch to know if an item is available in his stock.

With Datacentral, the updated stock of other branches is available on my screen“.

Change the prices of items in the branches from head office.

“Formerly our company has experienced significant losses due to delays and forgetfulness of the branches in entering new prices in machine.
Today with DataCentral all the prices are entered from the head office and applied immediately in machine in all our network

Create and edit articles in the branches and stores of the company from the head office.

“In the past, our products were not harmonized, which caused us big problems in tracking the stock.
Indeed, the same article had different references in several agencies.
Sometimes the same reference meant different items depending on the agency.

In addition, the same article could have several references in the same branch. All this distorted the stock permanently.

Now with DataCentral, we create and edit all items in our branches from the head office.
In one click the article is created or modified identically throughout our network. Our stock is now reliable.

Receive E-mail and SMS alerts in the event of out-of-stock, off-price sale, trade report of the day, etc.

“The iron stock is almost finished in my second branch and nobody informs me !!
Fortunately I am alerted by DataCentral

Create accounts receivable, suppliers and generals from the Branch

“From head office, I can create customer, supplier and other accounts in all our branches.
Thus I have a harmonized chart of accounts on the whole network, which increases the effectiveness of the accounting follow-up of our customers and suppliers

Be mobile, all the above points are safe on your Laptop, Tablet, or Smartphone.

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