Electronic Document Management
Electronic Archiving System

Are you overwhelmed by paperwork? Do you have difficulty finding information and documents? Do you often lose important documents? Do you use a lot of paper and ink? Are your internal procedures of limited effectiveness, cumbersome and often violated?

Our EDM & EAS service is what you need

The pledge

We implement complete Alfresco software-based document and business process solutions that enable your company to:

  • Achieve significant time, efficiency and productivity gains by enabling your staff to access documentary information in real time and on the go, in a simple, secure, fast and shared way, regardless of the terminal used (Smartphone, tablet, laptop, PC);
  • Eliminate the loss and damage of your important physical documents, by limiting as much as possible the circulation of paper documents within the company;
  • Significantly reduce your physical document processing costs (paper and ink consumption, acquisition and maintenance of printers and copiers, folders and Sub-folders, etc.);
  • Optimize the available space in your premises by the consequent reduction of the volumes of paper to be stored and archived;
  • Secure storage and access to your documentary heritage in compliance with legal standards, by archiving documentary data in electronic vaults in highly secure locations;
  • Simplify the internal exchanges (between your different services) and the external exchanges (between you and your partners) by dematerializing these exchanges as well as the business processes related to their processing.


Needs analysis and audit:

We support you from the beginning of the project to clearly formulate your expectations and objectives vis-à-vis the future EDM in terms of reducing costs related to the processing of paper documents, saving time and space in premises, optimization business processes, automating tasks, improving access to information and sharing documents, facilitating compliance with legal obligations, etc.

We help you identify the aspects of your business that can benefit most from the future EDM, including those with poor document processes, excessive bureaucracy, or slow response times.

After you have specified the benefits you want from EDM, we will perform an internal audit of the status of your records and your documentation situation, as well as your business processes, in order to delimit the scope of the documents to be processed.


Once the expectations and needs have been clearly identified, we can support you right from the very first step through the drafting of the specifications of the project.

If you need more resources on this topic, we’ll provide you with open, easy-to-read literature that will help you readily describe your problems, no matter your IT level. We will use this document to produce your specifications, retranscribing all your needs in features ranging from the most common to the most complex.


Once the statement of requirements is developed (When the specifications have been agreed), we provide a functional prototype of the project on Alfresco that allows to test all the functionalities (classification plan, digitization, indexing, business process automation, collaboration, etc.) on a part of the activities. and certain types of company documents.

With the participation of future users, we then make the necessary adjustments and validate the various settings together.

Our approach guarantees you the best conformity between the specifications and the final solution which will be progressively put into production throughout the company.

Settings and training

When the prototype is finished, we plan together the deployment of the solution throughout the company. Our approach includes the digitization of the entire documentary background included in the scope of the specifications.
We assist the future users in leading the change induced by the new solution, through permanent communication and monitoring.
In order to guarantee your autonomy on the new solution, we ensure your follow-up for a definite period of time together with your training in terms of operation, configuration and extension.

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