Integration of collaborative tools

Reinforce collaboration now and improve productivity within your teams.

The Pledge

Collaborative tools that we implement in your organization improve the productivity of your staff, significantly increase the performance of your organization and greatly reduce your operational costs. For this, they will provide among others the following options to employees :

  • Quickly obtain information or assistance, without having to increase the mail sending, the phone calls or time-consuming travel;
  • Quickly access capitalized knowledge of a previous project, and gain efficiency by avoiding recreating the wheel;
  • Quickly schedule meetings based on a shared calendar, without having to broadcast a plethora of emails and phone calls to stop a slot;
  • Instantly announce meetings to all concerned, without having to broadcast many emails and phone calls, or print and circulate piles of messages between offices;
  • Hold meetings each from his computer, tablet or Smartphone wherever he is, without having to physically gather in a common room;
  • Quickly find a document of the organization, without having to multiply the counterproductive comings and goings in the corridors and lifts, nor to dig into a ton of mails and paper supports.

These solutions are ready for you

Professional email with Zimbra.

  • Provide each staff member with a professional email address.

  • Allow users to read, write and send their mails from their workstation, phone or tablet, with or without the Internet connection.

  • Provide the opportunity for users to send themselves emails with their pro addresses without requiring the Internet connection.

  • Provide authorized users with secure access to the shared agendas of other users and services in order to read availabilities or to register events of common interest (meeting, activity, room reservation, etc.).

Enterprise Web Portals with LifeRay.

  • Provide users with a customizable single web interface that centralizes access to a set of data and enterprise applications (mail, search engine, directory, etc.) to which they are entitled.

  • Fluidify, simplify and optimize the communication and the sharing of knowledge within the company through tools allowing the users to constitute thematic groups or trades in which they collaborate via tools of the type Forum, Blog, Wiki , Chat, and FAQs accessible from their computers and mobile devices.

  • Provide an electronic directory listing all the staff of the company (Name, contacts, detailed profile, skills, CV, etc.) and securely accessible according to predefined authorizations.

Electronic mail management with Blue Courrier.

  • Provide recipients of incoming mail (users, services) the ability to instantly receive a digital copy of the mail as soon as it is saved in the system. No more paper copies for every incoming mail and cumbersome distribution channels.
  • Enable users to efficiently search, access, and securely process mail locally or by mobile via Internet-connected equipment. No more latencies due to the search for papers, the many comings and goings in the corridors, as well as the losses of mails.
  • Allow detailed tracking of each step of the processing of the types of mail on which validation processes have been defined. This makes it possible to identify the points of delay at any time and to re-launch those concerned. This results in improved performance in mail processing, improved quality of service to users, and improved governance.
  • To allow the users of a chain of treatment, to carry out the validations of mails in complete safety, locally or while being mobile via equipment connected to Internet. A traceability of the operations carried out on each mail from the recording until its archiving is ensured.

Enterprise Social Network with Elgg.

  • Connect geographically remote employees in real time: Now they collaborate as if they were on the same site. This can accelerate the development of products, and save time to respond to their solicitations.
  • Discovering skills and talents in the staff: By allowing all staff to express themselves freely on a given topic, and everyone to note the contributions of each other on this topic, we are witnessing the emergence of certain skills and talents previously unknown. It is therefore easy to identify resource persons for specific questions, and to contact them directly when needed.
  • Archive knowledge: The system keeps track of the exchanges observed during the organization of recurring events (conference, trade show, etc.), the conduct of certain projects, crisis management, etc. The information contained in these exchanges survives the turnover of staff while remaining easily searchable, thus preserving all the necessary know-how.
  • Fostering innovation: A problematic thrown on the company’s social network generates contributions from all employees with diverse profiles; and not only that of some specialists. The collective intelligence thus put into action can produce some surprising innovative ideas.
  • Improve communication with leaders: CSR adds horizontal communication within the company, in addition to the traditional top-down model. It allows executives to post comments directly in the feed, and interact with all employees at the same time. Similarly, employees have the opportunity to interact in a friendly and reassuring manner with executives.

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