You do not have a handle on your IT costs? Its functioning does not meet your expectations? The computer glitches do not allow you to focus on your core business?

Our outsourcing service is what you need.

The Pledge

By using our outsourcing service, your company has an outsourced IT department and has the following benefits :

Focus on your core business

We take care of the IT component

You only have one IT contact

Contact us now for everything related to IT.

Now your IT fleet is optimized

Our expertise is applied to the daily management of your fleet

An IT service managed by experts

Your IT needs are the ones we respond to other, every day.

Outsourcing in 4 points

Maintenance of the computer park.

  • Periodically ensure the preventive maintenance operations of the various equipment (workstations, servers, laptops, printers, etc.) and software in order to prevent any penalizing failures.
  • Ensure the corrective maintenance of the various equipment (workstations, servers, laptops, printers, etc.) and software on site, by telephone or remote maintenance.
  • Ensure the updating of the various hardware and software in case of need of evolution.
  • Acquire and renew on time the licenses (Antivirus, operating systems, and other software available under commercial license) related to the entire computer park.
  • Ensure the installation of new software and hardware on the computer network of each site, as well as uninstallations.
  • Monitor the servers and workstations on each site. We are alerted in real time of the main failures encountered and we intervene promptly.

Administration of the entire IT network of each site.

  • Deploy, maintain and evolve the network infrastructure of each site as needed.
  • Manage user accounts and filter Internet access for rational, optimal and disciplined management of bandwidth.
  • Implement and monitor security policy and network infrastructure (access rights, passwords, antivirus, security firewall, etc.).
  • Organize and track regular backups of data on each site.
  • Deploy, configure and administer ERPs (SAGE SAARI, Odoo, Adempiere and Idempiere), collaboration software (email, shared calendars, intranet portal…) on the different sites.
  • Assist and upgrade users in the use of ERPs (SAGE SAARI, Odoo, Adempiere and Idempiere), office software (Microsoft Office Suites and OpenOffice), collaborative tools and other common software.

Management of third-party providers.

  • Provide intermediation with IT service providers (software editors for updates, I.S.P. for internet connections, office printer service provider, telecom provider for telephone and Internet, etc.).
  • Internally conduct IT projects led by external service providers.
  • Draft a set of specifications for each IT project to be led by an external service provider.
  • Receive and validate IT work carried out by external service providers.

Management of the information system

  • Develop an IT strategy aligned with the overall strategy and vision of the company.
  • Define the IT security policy: identify with the General Management sensitive information and risks and then propose the measures to adopt.
  • Collect and study the needs expressed by the business divisions of the company, then propose complete and costed solutions to the General Management, taking into account their efficiency and risk management.
  • Ensure a technological and legal watch on the evolutions of the IT sector and on the technological changes made to business IT.
  • Anticipate the changes and guide the choices of the General Management in terms of information technologies.
  • Design and continuously adapt an optimal organization of information flows of the company.
  • Constantly ensure the match between the needs of the company’s customers, the company’s strategy and IT tools.
  • Develop proposals for better control of budgets dedicated to new acquisitions and IT investments.

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