Today, work has become much easier and more effective.

I highly recommend DataCentral to any business wanting to optimize the management of their network of outlets and stores.

Prior to the DataCentral centralization system, we needed one person in each of our depots to create the items and record inbound and outbound machine inventory. We then observed many errors in the quantities and prices entered. In addition, sales were sometimes blocked because the stock was not machine-entered or items were not created due to the unavailability of the warehouse manager; which had real consequences for our turnover.

Since all our sites are interconnected by DataCentral, we no longer have these concerns. We save a lot of time because stock movements and the creation of articles in the depots are now done in real time from the General Management, unlike in the old days when we had to wait for each deposit manager to do so according to its availability. We are also seeing an improvement in our financial gains as in the past, as long as the stock was not machine-operated or the required items were not created, it could not have a sale.

Work has become much easier and more efficient with DataCentral today, while requiring fewer people than in the past. We also benefit from a real traceability on all the movements of stock of our network (who did what and when); we know how to detect any error and identify its circumstances and its author.

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