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Data centralization : the benefits for your company

January 21, 2023

Why should you centralize your company’s data ?

50% of companies go bankrupt only 5 years after their creation. This bankruptcy is usually caused by :

  • Inefficient decision-making,
  • Poor inventory and cash flow management

This is the case of many commercial companies whose top management does not have a real time view on invoices, stock and payments and even less on the turnover of its agencies.

This difficulty prevents the Top Management from making the right decisions at the right time to ensure a better performance of the company.

To solve this problem, data centralization is becoming a must for all companies that want to increase their productivity.

The benefits of data centralization for your company

Usually, the General Management is forced to call agencies or wait for reports to get relevant information. These processes slow down the company’s operations and sometimes lead to late and inefficient decision-making.

Thus, the centralization of data offers the possibility to the Top Management to access the commercial and accounting data of the agencies on real time in order to take good decisions at the right time.

This is the case of DataCentral, which is a leading software in terms of data centralization in Central Africa, particularly in Cameroon.

Make the right decisions at the right time with real-time information from your agencies to the top management

In fact, DataCentral is grafted on invoicing software (SAGE, KSM and others) of agencies and centralizes data to the General Management. This allows the Top Management to access information such as

  • Sales, purchase and inventory transactions,
  • The turnover and performance of its agencies,
  • Accounts receivable and payments to customers and suppliers,
  • Out-of-stock and dormant inventory,
  • Stock and cash movements, etc.

This information can be used in real time by the Top Management to monitor and ensure the company’s growth.

Data centralization: how to get it?

We help many companies in Africa to gain in performance with the DataCentral. This solution is now within your reach to make your business more competitive on the marketplace.