Difficulties related to the promotion of items : The case of the company MAISON DG SARL

January 21, 2023

The company MAISON DG SARL is specialized in the sale of building materials in several cities of Cameroon. This company has long practiced the promotion of items to attract and retain customers. During the promotion period, customers who buy a specific item are entitled to other items for free.

However, this poses a problem in terms of invoicing, as salespeoples are required to do two billings, namely :

  • The first invoice for paid items
  • The second invoice for free items

This billing system causes huge problems because :

  • The customer sometimes forgets to take the free items,
  • Problems with the traceability of the stock during the controls,
  • Salespeople forget to tell customers that there is a promotion going on,
  • Extra work for stock controllers, salespeople and warehouse workers.

To solve these problems, DataCentral in conjunction with KSM billing software, has developed a module to configure promotions.

How the module works: configuration of article promotions

How does the configuration of article promotions work ?

Because of the many problems caused by the management of promotions in the company MAISON DG SARL, KSM in synergy with DataCentral have developed an innovation to overcome these problems.

With this new feature, stock controllers can set up promotions in KSM from within DataCentral. Indeed, this feature offers the possibility to link paid articles to free articles. This feature provides the ability to attach paid items to free items. This allows both free and paid items to appear on a single invoice without price confusion. This way, double invoicing becomes unnecessary and the work of MAISON DG SARL is optimized.

Due to the success of this feature, MAISON DG SARL has requested its installation throughout its network. For this purpose, our technical team accompanied by KSM proceeded to its deployment since Monday, October 10th, 2022.

Deployment in MAISON DG SARL’s agencies

Several agencies and stores of this company have been subject to the deployment of this innovation, namely :

  • Yaoundé (Nlongkak, Fouda, Emana, Etoudi, Ahala, Mokolo, Olembe, Elig-Edzoa, Elig-Essono)
  • Douala (Mboppi) et Garoua.
Deployment of the module at the MOKOLO agency by Mr. RONALDO TCHOMBA

This deployment is followed by a training of DataCentral and KSM users for an optimal handling. From now on, during promotions, Maison DG SARL salespeople can invoice both free and paid items on the same invoice.

This innovation is a real revolution, which will enable MAISON DG SARL to manage its promotions with ease.

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The management of promotions is a challenge for many commercial companies and certainly your company is facing this difficulty. Therefore, we propose you to optimize this management with our innovation: promotions configuration. Well before, you have the possibility of obtaining a demonstration of its operation before its deployment in your company